What Motivates Hackers?

I am fascinated by how technologically savvy these cyber-outlaws are.  If I had the ability to crack into restricted and top secret sites to see the information that is available on them I would be tempted to dabble in hacking as well.

There are many types of hackers out there. The more traditional ones hack in order to uncover and understand the ins-and-outs of a technology, tweaking and breaking codes to discover new possibilities. Many of these guys (and yes they are often male) are committed to the open source scene, developing and sharing code with the purpose of improving the IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, these types of vigilante hackers are increasingly outnumbered by those hacking for monetary gain. In 2007, it was estimated that 67% of those who engage in web attacks are profit-motivated.


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Back in the old days hackers had something similar to an honor codex. Hacks were performed to still the craving for knowledge. It is sad to see that now, 20 to 30 years later, the majority of hackers (who in most part are script-kids and brute-force phreakers) do so out of financial interest. Just goes to show how the world-wide-web went from a mainly educational establishment to become a part of the mass-media-capitalistic society we reside in today.
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Im sorry,
I dont consider it hacking.
I consider it LOSS of knowledge.
To many forget HOW things are done. HOW to fix things, how to BYPASS.

Every hardware maker makes a RESET BUTTON on most hardware. if it wasnt there, and you SCREW'd UP..your only recourse would be to buy a NEW ONE.. Think about that on a piece of $1000 hardware/router/switch/... Even your ipod has one.

Hacking is using the vulnerabilities of Hardware and software to DO SOMETHING. its called hacking ONLY if its bad?? or if some IDIOT forget to change a PASSWORD that should have been changed WHEN you bought the device.
The problem we have, mostly, is WINDOWS. How do MOST persons protect themselves, when they DONT KNOW the BASICS..Even an advanced user has a hard time under windows.
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"What Motivates Hackers?"

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