Bear vs Cat

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This should counter the hornet massacre from earlier with a more interesting look at animals confronting each other.  Anyone know the location?  Vietnam?  The giggling girl makes me smile big.

via Cynical-C

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It's offensive only if you choose to be offended. What I said isn't inherently pejorative, but if you interpreted it that way, I apologize. I certainly didn't MEAN it to be. It sounds slurred compared to the French I'm used to. I honestly don't know how else to describe it. I didn't make any claims about its legitimacy/illegitimacy as a language.
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I think this occurred in La tuque, QC. Seen this video a couple of days ago.

The woman first makes noise (or try to), to scare the bear. Then she says «I am not sure if it is a good idea to...», referring either to making noise or to leave the garbages on the porch. She seems relieved that the cat attacks the bear.

Still funny to see the bear backing off and going around the cat to steal the garbages.

A little bit hysterical and yes, hard to understand, even for a quebecker.
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Yes, definitely from Québec.
I second what Steeliecat (14) said.

She is clearly from Québec. This sounds a bit more eastern than the Outaouais though. I'm guessing Trois-Rivière or something like that.
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