Coyote Struck, Travels to California

Daniel East and his sister, Tevyn were traveling on Interstate 80 near the Utah-Nevada border when a coyote ran in front of the car. They hit the animal, but kept driving as they assumed it was dead. Eight to ten hours later, they stopped in California and noticed the coyote was stuck in the car's grill! They called the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release office in Penn Valley, which sent a volunteer.
Jan Crowell, a rehabilitation center volunteer, said she brought a catch pole, an animal carrier, gloves and blankets.

When she arrived, East and his sister were taking the screws out of the car's grill in an effort to get the animal out. Once the grill was pulled forward, the coyote poked its head out.

"No broken bones, no internal injuries -- nothing," Daniel East said, adding that the animal only had a few scrapes on one of his paws.

The coyote was kept at the center until it escaped on its own. Link -via Arbroath

(image credit: David Lovere)

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I was the rescue member from our group Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release in Grass Valley, CA. I crated the coyote to a chain link dog kennel with top & bottom panels. As I was working on getting the animal back to where it came from ( we always try to release animals where they are from)it forced apart the metal bar at the bottom of the enclosere ane was able to escape. I never would have believed it would be able to bend the steel rod...
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I travel interstates quite a bit, myself. And yes, when I have to pull over to check the car, I take an exit. If it's an emergency and there isn't an exit close, I do use the shoulder, but that's still dangerous, no matter how wide it is.

The people above are suggesting that the couple should have pulled over and checked the condition of a coyote that was presumed to still be in the road after they hit it. Checking on something in the middle of the highway is life threatening. My point stands.
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Well then by that logic, you are telling me that if you blew a tire or hit something that might have sounded like a chunk of metal in the road - you would not slow down, pull over and check to see if there was any damage to your vehicle. Maybe a bent rim, or even a cracked rim, could cause you to lose control of your vehicle further down the road. There are many more scenarios that could come from running over animals, and debris in the road.

Do "they" not teach defensive driving anymore?
Most interstates do have a wide enough shoulder to pull off onto.
I travel the interstate a bit. I have hit my share of wood palettes, stuff that has fallen off of vehicles, and metal. I have always slowed down, pulled off the road. And gotten out and checked to see what the damage was.
An animal the size of coyote can do damage to a car. Especially on smalled cars like that Fit. Things that are small and maybe even a tie rod could have been bent, or even the radiator damaged. Which could have caused them trouble further down the road. They could have been speeding along and lost their steering.

It was stupid of them to not pull over.
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Guys, they were traveling an INTERSTATE. It might have been the teensiest bit dangerous for them to get out on a major highway and risk their own lives to check on a coyote, doncha think?
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