Water Found on the Moon

As they say, the third time is the charm. Three different missions to the moon have relayed back evidence of water. There were traces of water in the moon rocks brought back by Apollo, but that was attributed to contamination. Three more recent examinations have found evidence of water: India’s Chandrayaan-1 probe detected water by mapping wavelengths of light from the moon’s surface, the Cassini probe found evidence of global distribution of the water signal, and the Deep Impact spacecraft found evidence by infrared detection.
"The Deep Impact observations of the Moon not only unequivocally confirm the presence of [water/hydroxyl] on the lunar surface, but also reveal that the entire lunar surface is hydrated during at least some portion of the lunar day," the authors wrote in their study.

The findings of all three spacecraft "provide unambiguous evidence for the presence of hydroxyl or water," said Paul Lucey of the University of Hawaii in an opinion essay accompanying the three studies. Lucey was not involved in any of the missions.

The new data "prompt a critical reexamination of the notion that the moon is dry. It is not," Lucey wrote.

The amount of water on the moon is miniscule by Earth standards, with one ton of lunar surface holding about 32 ounces. Link -via Digg

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a very uniq thesis being brought up here and good for the findings and realy hats off towards the indian scientists and hope there will be more to come soon
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The ironic thing about this new find of water on the moon is that it will spur ways to filter out tiny quantities of substances more than any other need here on Earth. And tech is that exactly what we need to fight pollution on our own planet.

There are lots of scenario's to put lots of polluting industries outside our planet on the moon. This would benefit the ecology on our own planet greatly, since we are still developing more and more toxic needs to do the things we want to in our drive to get more and more technically developed.

So the word "seems" is the defining one, because in fact it is not.
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