Solar Panels That Don't Need Direct Sunlight to Produce Electricity

A company called GreenSun Energy is developing solar panels that absorb particular parts of the light spectrum available even when the sun is not shining directly at them:

They say the key is the bright colors in hues to capture different parts of the sun's light spectrum.

GreenSun, the company behind the technology, says unlike conventional solar panels, these can produce electricity without direct sunlight.

It says the colored panels don't need to face the sun and can absorb dispersed light.

This means they can also harness energy on a cloudy day, although with less efficiency than on sunny days.

The company says production costs are kept to a minimum because they require less silicon.

There's a video at the link and it will play automatically when you click on it.


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"There’s a video at the link and it will play automatically when you click on it."

I'm not sure automatically means what you think it means.
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Shouldn't we expect regular solar energy panels to be efficient enough to run an entire household before we get excited about something like this?
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Ooooo, and if you cover a couple of football fields worth of surface area you might collect enough energy to run an iPod. And from the resources and toxic materials (solar cells use a LOT of toxic stuff) needed to manufacture that much cell area you might have done something productive like feed a small village.

Color me NOT impressed.
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