Sleeping In Separate Beds May Help Marriages

A new study shows that sleeping in separate beds can help your health and your relationship. Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep researcher, believes that by not sharing a bed with your partner you may be decreasing the risks of divorce, heart problems, stroke and suicidal behavior.
"Intimacy is important for emotional health. But good sleep is important for physical, emotional and mental health."

What do you guys think? Would you sleep away from your love so you can actually improve your sleep?


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I have only been with my boyfriend for a year, but I noticed a pattern that, when im alone or back at my dorm at college, I do not sleep at all, i sleep less, and am more lethargic. When im with my boyfriend and I sleep next to him, I go to bed at a decent time, wake up at a decent time, and feel well rested the whole next day, it never fails. We share his queen sized bed and never have problems, we even fall asleep holding hands or in each others arms, but I always, always always sleep better next to him.
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I agree with this. First partner (5 years ago now) was desperate for constant contact and it eventualy drove me away from him as I did not sleep for 2 years, if i moved to the other side of the bed he would wake up instantly smack me and pull me back beside him. a NIGHTMARE! My new partner likes alot of space and sleeps in the louge everynight, We spend about an hour saying 'goodnight' each evening and then go to our seperate beds. I wake up everymorning missing him and he usuly ends up in my bed before work each day at 5am. Alot more happens in this relationship i assure you! Absense makes the heart grow fonder!
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My wife is a light sleeper and doesn't often get a good sleep. She used to send me to the couch when she couldn't sleep. After a while I noted - why should I suffer because she has issues with sleep. Now she sometimes ends up on the couch for a better sleep.

I like the closeness of a partner in the same bed - I'm thinking of getting a new wife that stays in the same bed!

Morel: Think before you suggest separate beds for your partner!
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