Rescue Train Crashed in Front of a Train Wreck

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Croatian rescue workers were taken by surprise when a service vehicle dispatched to assist them with a train wreck lost control and crashed in nearby the original wreck! What a near miss ...

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I know it's tragic and I'm glad all are safe, but it truly made me giggle until tears rolled down my face. If I spoke the language, I imagine I'd have heard a few WTF's going on there!
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I completely agree. I too, came to post about how impressive that camera work was. I was suspicious at first because it seemed to have all the seamless fake-amateur zooms and pullouts that you see in "reality" commercials. Shaky enough to have you think it's witness shot, but captures all the elements to deliver a typical story arc. Not to mention the speeding train doesn't even escape the frame! But apparently it's real!
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i'm croatian, so what actually happened at this quite steep part of the rail was that some underpaid bribe taking minions of evil old men,and i'm not joking here, put a wrong kind of fire retardant onto the tracks, that stuff caused the first derailment, but the service vehicle didn't know that, so they came in at a normal speed and were totaly unable to brake, the tracks being slick like a greased pig and all, also when the driver and the engineer saw what's happening they jumped out while the vehicle was going real slow, so it was actually empty and with locked brakes ha ha, 7 people died in the passanger train thought, thats bad
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