Duck has a Sandal

Lucky the duckling is very lucky to have been adopted by an orthopedic nurse after she broke her leg, which left her with a right foot that bent the wrong way. Alison Morgan of Newport, Wales, performs physical therapy on the leg and had a special duck sandal made for Lucky by cobbler Kelvin Reddicliffe. The sandal protects Lucky's toes from irritation and further damage.
Mrs Morgan is now trying to raise the £500 needed for an operation which entails Lucky's right leg being broken again and set correctly. Since the damaged leg is now seven millimetres short, Lucky will also have rods inserted around it to lengthen the limb a small amount every couple of days until it is in line.

'It is quite complicated but it works on humans and the vet is quite confident it will work,' added Mrs Morgan.

'Lucky is a real character and full of life. That is why I didn't want to go with the first vet's opinion about being put to sleep.

'She loves having a cwtch (Welsh for a cuddle) and is as good as gold.'

Link -via Unique Daily

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For those of you being critical and/or TRYING to be funny, ya sad wasters. I'd be happy to spend £500 or at least donate towards it because it's a fantastic cause. Stop being lemmings like 99% of the human race who think creatures of the animal kingdom 'just ain't worth it' when the damning truth is it's the pathetic human race who cause the vast majority of the world's problems, so maybe when something like this occurs it's the right time for a bit of pay-back. If you're on benefit & not even earning it you're not entitled to an opinion, and for anyone else, what would you rather spend it on - cigs, booze, drugs & clubbing? Yeah? Well don't tie up my NHS bed when your sad leisure hobbies catch up with you.
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