Hollow Spy Coins

Brian Dereu makes and sells hollow spy coins, bolts, and spikes to safely hide data and other information. The Coins hide microSD cards, the bolts and spike can hold messages and other items.

During the Cold War, Spies from both the East and West used Hollow Coins to ferry secret messages, suicide poisons, and microfilms undetected. On May 1st, 1960 U2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union and taken captive. In his possession was a hollow silver dollar containing a poisoned needle that was to be used to take his own life in such a circumstance. For one reason or another, he did not use it and was held for 21 months by the Soviets. He was then exchanged for Soviet spy KGB Colonel Vilyam Fisher (aka Rudolf Abel) at the Glienicke Bridge, in Berlin, Germany. Colonel Fisher was also no stranger to hollow coins...his original capture by the United States FBI was directly related to a hollow nickel that was used to transport microfilm.

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A few years back the Americans were convinced (the Pentagon going so far as to issue a security alert) that we Canadians were spying on American contractors with radio transmitters in coins. Turns out the Americans were afraid of the painted poppies on a special release of quarters honouring the war dead. These secret compartment coins may be neat for smuggling, but honestly they wouldn't be any good for tracking people. Everyone knows all the Canadian quarters end up at Tim Horton's almost as quickly as you get them so the best that would happen would be that we could track how quickly the contractors fall under the sway of the donuts and coffee. :)
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I had one of these, it was a quarter. I used to keep LSD hits in it. Then I lost it and I think there was still one left so, CHECK YOUR WASHINGTON-HEAD QUARTERS, might make for a fun afternoon!
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