Warp Drive Theoretically Possible

Like Star Trek, only real. Physicist Richard Obousy speculates about a means of faster-than-light travel and dubs it 'warp drive'. The picture above is of the ship that he proposes be built to test his idea, which works like this:

The shape of the warpship was chosen to optimize the manipulation of surrounding dark energy, creating a spacetime bubble. How exactly the bubble would be created is still a mystery. But once the bubble gets created, spacetime at the front of the warpship would be compressed, and behind, it would expand. Inside the bubble, spacetime remains unchanged; therefore the warpship floats in the center of stationary space while the bubble moves through spacetime.

The bubble itself, containing the warpship, "drives the spacecraft forwards at arbitrarily high speeds," said Obousy. This means the warpship can travel faster than the speed of light.


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seriously you guys are so pessimistic. 100 years ago people thought Robert Goddard was stupid and that rockets were impossible. Now look, we have rocket launches pretty often, and it is not all that unusual nowadays. Warp drives could very well be possible, but obviously the theory is still quite new and should be studied. This is not saying that you can just go out and build fleets of ftl starships, but obviously this theory needs time. There is nothing in physics that is more interesting to me than theories like this.
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Well, in one episode of the original "STAR TREK", Aptly named: "ALL OF OUR YESTERDAYS", the Enterprise is accidentally thrown back in time when the ship flew a little to close to a black hole...
To get back to their own time they flew around the sun at warp 8, and were sling-shotted faster than possible through drive...
For a very short time they were traveling at HYPER-WARP velocities...
cool huh...
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