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Warp Drive Theoretically Possible

Like Star Trek, only real. Physicist Richard Obousy speculates about a means of faster-than-light travel and dubs it 'warp drive'. The picture above is of the ship that he proposes be built to test his idea, which works like this:

The shape of the warpship was chosen to optimize the manipulation of surrounding dark energy, creating a spacetime bubble. How exactly the bubble would be created is still a mystery. But once the bubble gets created, spacetime at the front of the warpship would be compressed, and behind, it would expand. Inside the bubble, spacetime remains unchanged; therefore the warpship floats in the center of stationary space while the bubble moves through spacetime.

The bubble itself, containing the warpship, "drives the spacecraft forwards at arbitrarily high speeds," said Obousy. This means the warpship can travel faster than the speed of light.


"How exactly the bubble would be created is still a mystery."

...But that dousn't prevent us from "knowing" already how it would look.

Well anyhow it somehow has pretty convincing looks.
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Faster-than-light-travel, you say? Well, I'm here waiting for it as I have waited for virtual reality and the cloned mammoth science promised me.
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"First a miracle happens and we can create a warp bubble, then you can go places really fast and do stuff." Reminds me of evolutionary theory.
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How, in any way, shape, or form would this remind someone of evolutionary theory? Ah, trolls...

Zo, if we were able to travel at the speed of light, then presumably, we would have the ability to exceed it.

This is just plain silly psuedo-science.
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Well, Zo, it's kinda like the problem we had breaking the Sound Barrier: the trans-sonic region would always be tearing the planes apart.
Once we perfected supersonic flight, we made sure to not spend much time in that region. Just punch right past it as quickly as possible and leave it far behind.
Probably gonna be a similar situation with FTL.
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Probably, Until, If...these are all non scientific words. If Bob Lazar is right, we already know what elements would make space-folding possible. But that is still unproven hearsay. Unlike say, Evolutionary Theory.
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I can turn iron into gold within a golden bubble. How exactly that bubble would be created is a mystery but once it's created I'll be rich!
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D Bozko, your such a skeptic. Everyone knows how scientifically sound powering a warp speed space shuttle with thoughts of unicorns and rainbows is.
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FTL travel is a piece of cake. We've already figured it all out. I mean, all that's left to do is just... you know... bend space. That's the easy part, right? Right? Bueller?

Maybe if you push on space really hard? No, Jimmy, you're not pushing hard enough.
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Just don't push too hard this time. You remember what happened last time when you accidently tore a hole in the space time continuum, and we had to deal with the flesh eating jello mould a second time. I mean, once was enough.
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So? We've known for years to travel at the speed of light (and faster, thus pushing us forward in time without the effects of it) is theoretically possible. I'd like to see a scientific theory that somehow, without breaking the laws of physics, proves that you can theoretically go back in time.
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@The Other Parker: Actually, you'd just be shortening the distance between two spaces if I remember correctly, and not actually increasing your speed.
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i enjoy the term "arbitrarily high speeds"

i am going to go beyond the displeasure already expressed in these comments and allude to my larger quam with jazzy science: in these sorts of theories extrapolations are made upon extrapolations all in the name of government grants and publicity.

dark energy? we have extrapolated it's possible existence based on ponderings of dark matter. we believe that dark matter might exist based on the fact that by our calculations there isn't as much observable matter in the universe as there should be. we think we know how much matter there should be based upon another forumla. this stuff snowballs out of control all throughout the scientific community. string theory is an mathematical extrapolation with no actual evidence; even the big bang theory, which is probably the most widely believed theory in the world, is based off of very little actual evidence.

evolution ironically is backed by so much evidence if you could put the physical mass of it into one big lump it would be small mountain.

i support darkhorse theories, steady state for one, not because they have a ton of evidence themselves, but because their rival theories are often baseless. i even think the expanding earth theory has merit...and most people think that stuff is ridiulous.
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Maybe congress needs to pass a resolution mandating faster then light travel be 2015.... I'm sure if we threw yet another trillion in pocket change at it.
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Actually, to build upon what c0ldfish said, I've wondered for years how most of this stuff even qualifies as "science." I was taught in school that science is defined by use of the scientific method, which involves formulating hypotheses, performing experiments, and making conclusions based on observable, reproducible, empirical results.

It seems like, if that's true, science can only be used to describe the universe at present. Anything that attempts to explain the past, or predict future "possibilities" may be valid, but as I understand it, it shouldn't be called "science." That's more like epistemology or futurism or some other clearly theoretical doctrine.
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What utter BS..... you design a ship around a WORKING engine as function demands it.

His design is no better than a 12-year-old putting together parts from several plastic models around an imaginary power source. Instead of stealing the central idea from Trek he could just have easily said 'oh here is a ship that would work with a ZPM and naquda generator' from Stargate at a comic-con.

You use REAL science to design ship, Dr. Physicist, not rainbows and fairy-dust.
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Sorry TimO but rainbows and fairy-dust are exactly what my computer works on. ...At least- that is what my daughter thinks. And she can know because she knows all about fairy-tales.
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When Sir Isaac Newton worked out the principles of orbital mechanics, we had all the physics needed for a trip to the moon. It just took three hundred years for engineering to catch up. Looks like we are now waiting on the engineers to get us to the stars.
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I didn't read the original article thoroughly, but to me it looked like they asked a scientist to provide a concept of a warp ship based on today's knowledge.

So I think this is like asking a cartoonist to make a drawing of Spiderman, assuming radioactive spiders could give people spider powers.

It's just a concept, nothing more.
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This is just the recycled work of Miguel Alcubierre and several scientists following him, with a fanciful graphic added by another physicist.

This idea is so old it's literally last century. ;)

The drive idea is, however, founded on good solid science. You should check it out, Wikipedia is your friend.

Last time I checked, physicists didn't design vehicles anyways, we train perfectly good engineers for that, don't we?
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hmmm. Im skeptical

Nothing can travel faster than light, the author should specify that the ship really isn't traveling faster than light, but that the space-time matrix it sits on is being manipulated relative to this.... "bubble"...

Even if he does go around building this ship, the amount of energy needed to warp the space-time matrix is quite possibly infinate, making this nigh impractical.
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Well, in one episode of the original "STAR TREK", Aptly named: "ALL OF OUR YESTERDAYS", the Enterprise is accidentally thrown back in time when the ship flew a little to close to a black hole...
To get back to their own time they flew around the sun at warp 8, and were sling-shotted faster than possible through drive...
For a very short time they were traveling at HYPER-WARP velocities...
cool huh...
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seriously you guys are so pessimistic. 100 years ago people thought Robert Goddard was stupid and that rockets were impossible. Now look, we have rocket launches pretty often, and it is not all that unusual nowadays. Warp drives could very well be possible, but obviously the theory is still quite new and should be studied. This is not saying that you can just go out and build fleets of ftl starships, but obviously this theory needs time. There is nothing in physics that is more interesting to me than theories like this.
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