Life Imitates Unbreakable: Boy Survived Being Hit by a Car Unscathed

Four-year-old Turkish boy Muhammet Dirlik is one lucky boy: he was hit by a car, which sent him tumbling down a flight of stairs. But what seems like a surely fatal accident left Muhammet unscathed.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube], and quick, someone stop M. Night Shyamalan before Signs or The Happening happens or we're doomed!

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In what way do you normally think of people getting hit by a car?

I'm not sure I understand how he got "knocked out of the way" of the car, when it was the car that did the knocking.
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He got knocked out of the way, not hit in the way we normally think of when cars hit people. I feel I have been lied to with this clip. Hmmph.
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Well technically Unbreakable was a train crash, not a car wreck... Same thing happened in Intacto (great movie BTW, better than Unbreakable) with a plane crash.
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