20 Types of Art Student, by Chuck Dillon

After 10 years of teaching art at the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, Chuck Dillon has seen just about every type of art student. So, in a post is certainly going to be a classic, here's Chuck's classification of the 20 types of art student.

Which one are you? Link - via Laughing Squid

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The illustrations in this book are very accurate for the students who went to Hussian, because they admit 99% of the students who apply, so you get every type of "art student." which is really just like every other school out there. slackers, beauties, stoners, whatever. the school is a joke, and in a way I think this book inadvertantly disses the school, though I'm sure he didn't mean it that way. I hope chuck get's the recognition he deserves for the work he does, he is truly great at what he does, but all who buy this book should know the evil business tactics underneath the somewhat clean exterior that Hussian School of Art wants the world to see. this is a for profit art school that falsely lures naive art students into their lair and gives them misleading lies about what the school offers and their employment rate upon graduation. 90% job placement rate? NO school has that. especially this one. what a joke. DO NOT SUPPORT HUSSIAN SCHOOL OF ART. You can support Chuck Dillon however.
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I'm closest to the Alien loner student... but that's an extreme of the stereotype.

I have one to add. The Art student of Art students, he's the guy who has alot of talent can seem to do just about everything has great opinions, spends all their time doing great art, is seemingly in great shape, is happy all the time, everyone loves and hates them. I'm sure everyone in art school new/wanted to be this person.
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I would be a mix of anime,gamer, and a wee bit of comic book artist (The magic blue pencil, and quite frankly I would be greatly disturbed if any of my friends started drawing like Rob Liefeld)

Man though, that anime one stung hard, particularily the big about "Loves David Bowie". Guess who's face is on my T-shirt right this moment?
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