Top 10 Coolest Places to Swim

Super Tight Stuff blog has a nifty list of ten of the coolest places to swim around the world. Whether it is the Yangbajain hot springs in China, Jellyfish Lake in the island nation of Palau, or Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico, I guarantee that something on this list will blow your mind:

1. Bioluminescent Bay

Located in Puerto Rico, on Vieques Island, there is a shallow body of water with a narrow inlet known as Mosquito Bay. In each gallon of the bay there are 720,000 phosphorescent single-celled organisms that glow when they are agitated. It is a defense mechanism — the glowing is designed to daze whatever predator is bothering the tiny dinoflagellates. All together the bay, on a moonless night, will produce more than enough light to read. Swimming in Mosquito Bay will cause your limbs to be bathed in blue-green light. If you stop moving the light will dim, and eventually disappear completely, but each time you twitch it begins anew. Every time your kayak moves it too will be illuminated. It’s also easy to spot larger creatures; when manta rays or large jellies enter the mangrove swamps gentle rings of light form around them. If you scoop up a handful of the water you can watch individual glowing plankton roll down your arms and hands. And the salinity of the water is high enough you can float sitting upright.


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I am from Puerto Rico, and there are actually 3 Bioluminescent bays... If you ask for the 'glowing bays' they will lead you there easily. And once there, local fishermen will take you deeper out the coast to enjoy the event even more, and just for $2-$5 per person, depending on the boat... (HINT FROM A LOCAL: TAKE THE SMALLEST BOATS, not only they are cheaper, but you are in complete contact with the bay and even can jump out safely to swim). For kids, there are also glass-bottom boats. It is an amazing experience, like no other in the world!
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I ventured out to the dead sea last year and i must say it is very cool.

The salt water is soo salty that if you accidently get it in your mouth or taste it, its actually spicy.

The sea is almost effortless to swim in and impossible to drown. If you swim down under there is alot of resistance against you and you just end up popping back up.

One thing they did'nt mention was the mud around the dead sea. If you put it all over your skin it basically moisturizes and your left with slick oily feeling.
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