Multiple "Races" of Neanderthals

Researchers from the Universite de la Mediterranee-CNRS-EFS in France analyzed the DNA of Neanderthal fossils and found that the species might actually be composed of several "races":

We tend to think of Neanderthals as one species of cavemen-like creatures, but now scientists say there were actually at least three different subgroups of Neanderthals.

Using computer simulations to analyze DNA sequence fragments from 12 Neanderthal fossils, researchers found that the species can be separated into three, or maybe four, distinct genetic groups.

The evidence points to a subgroup of Neanderthals in Western Europe, another in Southern Europe near the Mediterranean, a third in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and possibly a fourth in Western Asia. These groups have been postulated before, but this is the first study analyzing DNA data to look for genetic variations differentiating the subgroups.


(Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

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We got a group of geniuses here. The earth is millions of years old. Human existance on Earth goes back 1.6 million years ago in Africa. The so called modern man or Caucasoid has only existed on earth some 400,00 years ago out of the Caucus Regions near modern day Turkey and Iraq. The Caucasoid originally evolved from man out of Africa. The Neanderthal(cave man)intermixed with the more sophisticated group of Cro-Magnon (a Mediterranean stock), which migrated to Europe much later becoming the white people of today. God made no one better than the next. Human evolution happen out of nature and necessity. Destruction and brutality to mankind such as oppression and slavery, colonization is a result of hatred, greed and envy.
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shprocket... I lack the words to describe your ignorance. Here's to thinking you forgot to add /sarcasm to your post!

^^^I'm a Catholic. Yes, you crazy people, ever think of mashing your ideas and scientific ideas togethers? Pendejos....
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