VideoSift Clips of the Week

Why Canada Is So Dangerous
... because everyone in the land of Canadia, our neighbor to the north, carries knives and swords! Sure makes you long for the safety of the gun-totin' crowds back here in the good ol' US of A!

Link (strong language)

(From a comment on VideoSift, this appears to be from a 80s law enforcement training video "Surviving Edged Weapons")

Qui-Gon, Worst Jedi Ever?
Who's the worst Jedi in Star Wars ever? Here's a case for nominating Qui-Gon Jinn for the dubious title.

After watching the clip, I must agree: Link

World's BEST Fan-Made Music Video
Quick, somebody call Simon Cowell - the next Spice Girls have just been discovered! These three English girls got the right stuff.

Watch it and weep: Link

When Lightnings Strike!
Here's a collection of lightning striking at close range - the people's reactions are predictable (mucho swearing and running away), but the clips are endlessly fascinating.

Do yourself a favor, skip the stupid intro and fast foward to 1:00: Link (strong language)

Blanket-napper Dog
Let's end this week's VideoSift round-up with something cute: a dog stealing a cat's blanket.

Why, my wife does the same thing to me every night :)

Link (quick, where's my slanket?)

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Whoa! The lightning strikes is amazing, of course you can skip the first 1.08; and Alex, I giggled when I read "muchO swearing"! By any chance, do you speak spanish or something?
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the music in the music video one is seriously charming! it's stupid if you see the video behind it, but just by itself? totally dreamy. the original pop song is totally plastic and cheesy, this one has heart in it.
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