14 Weirdest Video Games in History

The following is reprinted from Uncle John's Unsinkable Bathroom Reader If you think about it, Pac-Man is a strange game concerning a tiny, pie-shaped creature who ate power pills so that he could catch ghosts. That's an odd premise, but nothing compared to these ... behold, the 14 weirdest video games in history: SOCKS THE CAT ROCKS THE HILL (1992) Socks, the pet cat of President Bill Clinton, must get to the Oval Office to warn the president about a stolen nuclear bomb. To do that, he must defeat villains including Russian spies, the press corps, and former presidents Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush. CHAOS IN THE WINDY CITY (1994) Basketball superstar Michael Jordan battles an army of basketball-headed zombies that has invaded Chicago. To defeat them, he uses an arsenal of magic basketballs (including fiery-hot basketballs and ice-block basketballs). TOOBIN' (1988) Toobin' Atari game (Source: World of Spectrum) At the beginning of the game, the player floats down a backwoods river in an inner-tube race. Things suddenly take a turn for the worse as the player is chased by dinosaurs, ancient Inca warriors, and angry hillbillies. BILL LAIMBEER'S COMBAT BASKETBALL (1991) Basketball is supposed to be a non-contact sport. Not the way Laimbeer played it. As a Detroit Piston in the 1980s, he was well-known for frequent flagrant fouls and starting fights on the court. His notoriety led to this futuristic basketball game in which players punch, kick, push, and throw bombs at each other. COOL SPOT (1993) In the early 1990s, 7-Up created a mascot - an anthropomorphic dot (with arms, legs, and sunglasses) based on the red dot in the 7-Up logo. The Spot was licensed for this game, which was essentially one long 7-Up ad in which the character wanders around a beach firing soda bubbles at enemies. MICHAEL JACKSON'S MOONWALKER (1990) [YouTube Link] A drug dealer named Mr. Big has kidnapped some children and takes them to the Moon, where he plans to use a laser cannon to destroy the Earth. As Michael Jackson, you have to defeat Mr. Big and his cronies by using dance moves that shoot "magic rays." THE TYPING OF THE DEAD (2000) Screenshot of Typing of the Dead from Just Games Retro This semi-educational game is supposed to teach kids to type and spell. In order to fend off hungry zombies, you have to accurately type words. Get them right, the zombies leave you alone. Misspell, and the zombies will eat your b-r-a-i-n. EXODUS (1991)
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After solving some difficult logic puzzle, you have to answer questions about the Bible. Get those right, and you get to control Moses. The goal is to spread the word of God by shooting large Ws (for "word of God") at ancient Israelites. THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF DIZZY (1991) A walking egg named Dizzy must save his family from an evil wizard by solving puzzles. One of the puzzles: Dizzy must pick certain plants and mix them in a bottle to make medicine for his sick grandpa egg. DRUM MASTER (2006) In the game Guitar Hero, you get a plastic guitar and play along with well-known rock songs. Drum Master is made for the handheld Nintendo DS - you get to drum along with popular songs with two toothpick-sized sticks. JOHN DEERE'S HARVEST IN THE HEARTLAND (2007) IGN has the review of this unusual game, John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland Using various John Deere tractors and farm implements, you have to plant crops, fertilize crops, harvest crops, and milk cows. (And it's one giant ad for John Deere.) FACE TRAINING (2007) [YouTube Link] Using a small camera that attaches to the TV, you have to copy the facial expressions the game tells you to make. PRINCESS TOMATO IN THE SALAD KINGDOM (1991) On a mission from the dying King Broccoli, the noble knight Sir Cucumber has to rescue Princess Tomato from her captor, Minister Pumpkin. Sir Cucumber is assisted by Percy, a baby persimmon. TOILET KIDS (1992) [YouTube Link] A little kid gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and is sucked through the toilet into another dimension populated by creatures who look like bathroom fixtures. The Toilet Kid must then battle with tough toilet bodyguards and an evil giant urinal.
The article above is reprinted with permission from Uncle John's Unsinkable Bathroom Reader. The Bathroom Readers' Institute has sailed the seas of science, history, pop culture, humor, and more to bring you Uncle John's Unsinkable Bathroom Reader. Our all-new 21st edition is overflowing with over 500 pages of material that is sure to keep you fully absorbed. Since 1988, the Bathroom Reader Institute has published a series of popular books containing irresistible bits of trivia and obscure yet fascinating facts. Check out their website here: Bathroom Reader Institute.

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Um, okay... this article makes no sense whatsoever. For example, why are Cool Spot and Dizzy in here? Because their protagonists are a dot and an egg, respectively? Well, then we might as well include Pacman (a yellow sphere which eats dots), Super Mario Bros (a plumber who has super-jumping powers and fight enemies by jumping on them), or pretty much half of the games ever made.

And Toobin'. It got on this list because it has silly enemies? There are thousands of games which have even more ludicrous enemies.

I'm not sure what was the thought behind this article.
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