7 Color-Changing Wonders of the Animal Kingdom

How many animals do you suppose we pass in nature and never notice? Masters of evading humans and other predators, many creatures avoid being seen even at close range. Some of these are color-changers with amazing abilities to mimic not only their natural environs but even, in some cases, the behavior and movement of other species so they can pass as predators rather than as prey.

The ability to change color seems like an animal superpower at times - some of them can alter their appearance to blend with the colors, materials and textures of virtually any surroundings. For some this ‘costume change’ happens quickly, for others it is seasonal - for many it helps them avoid predators, for a few it enables them to sneak up on prey. Culled from around the animal kingdom, here are seven of most impressive color-changing species in the world.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Urbanist.

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So rather then it being a simple case of adaptation (camouflaged animals get eaten less frequently by predators), what's really happening is some guy is designing a million variations on these animals. "Let's see, OK, guys, I have another idea: let's make the octopus again, but this time will give him color shifting capabilities. Oh, I know: let's make foxes that change colors to blend in with the snow in the winter time. But let's be careful to stick them only in the snowy areas. We'll design big eared foxes for the desert later."
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