People Who Died on Their Birthdays

Our very own Stacy Conradt wrote a neat article over at mental_floss about 10 people who died on their birthdays (full circle!) Here's one that particularly interesting:

Jean Felix Piccard. Name sound familiar? It’s because he and his twin brother Auguste Piccard were the inspirations for the name of Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard. Jean’s inventions have been used in building aircrafts, spacecrafts and balloons (that’s him with his wife in the picture). He died on his (and his brother’s) birthday on January 28, 1963 at the age of 79.

Link - via i met a possum

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The people dying on birthdays will never get 'Moksha', either he was a good or bad man. I have never heard of a person dying like this, but I have heard about many people who died on my birthday.

Sreya, the girl, who died in unknown nature, died on October 17, my birthday.
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When a person is dead on his birthday,according to an Indian's belief,many other deaths occur before the 1st Anniversary.

So,for avoiding the death on birthday and living for a long time,there must do Mrityunjaya Homa on every birthday.

Also,when a death occurs on the stars Avittam,Chathayam,Poorooruttathi,Uttratathi and Revathi,
the same occurs as in the case of the birthday death.
If it happen on birthday,it will be very dangerous.

In India,the death anniversaries are known 'Srardham' in Sanskrit,Telugu and Malayalam,'Chatham' in Tamil,
'Srardha' in Kannada and 'Srardh' in Hindi,Marathi,Bengali,Gujarati,etc.If a person's birthday or Janmadivas,occur on the same date as the death anniversary or Srardha,it is very harmful to the surviving relatives.

So,I hope that nobody among us or our relatives die on our or their birthdays.

Vishal Sathyan


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Actress Ingrid Bergman.Please remember her.

She was the wife of Director Ingmar Bergman(1908-2007).
She was born on 29th August 1915.She acted in many films and died of a breast cancer on 29th August 1982,
her 67th Birthday.Both were Sundays.
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William Shakespeare and Prophet Muhammad always appear in this list.But Shakespeare died on 23rd April 1616,
St.George's Day.Eventhough there is an official record of his Baptism occurred on 26th April 1564,there is no official record of his birth.

But as the practice of Baptism is done soon after birth,
his birthday is celebrated on 23rd April.

Also,Prophet Muhammad is reportedly dead on 8th June 632,which was not his birthday,but was the date of Rabi-ul-Awwal 12,which was the same date as 20th April 570,his birthday.

But,some books say that he died on a New Moon Day.Then
his death occurred on 22nd June 632,aged 62.
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