Webcam "Angel" in a Cozumel Scuba Club

Neatorama reader Nick Schwartz sent us this intriguing account of an "angel" captured on a webcam from a scuba club in Cozumel, Mexico:

"One of my bookmarks is a scuba club in Cozumel - which I have never been, but I'm from Buffalo, NY and its nice to see something tropical once in a while. So point of all this being, I opened the app and saw what looks to be an angelic figure walking through the scuba club. I don't have any program to zoom in on this image but it's certainly something interesting. Some say angel. Some say a bunch of coincidences coming together at the moment I opened it. "

... and soon after, the "angel" was gone:

What do you think? Is it an angel or just Buzz Lightyear showing up for a little night dive? Thanks Nick!

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Its sad to see so many skeptics online. If the author believes is an angel then let him/her believe it is. There is no need to discredit someone because their beliefs and your logic doesn't coinside that's the beauty of faith. Everything isn't always backed by evidence
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15 minutes is a long time to say "… and soon after, the "angel" was gone"

I support the theory that it is a man moving a table.
Did you notice the lights (on the right hand side) are on when the man is out but as soon as he has finished his job he goes in and switches off the lights.

Or were the lights left on for the Angel ?
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March 10th, 2009 at 7:34 pm
"Why did so many people get upset about this? Alex seemed to be joking and others simply pointed out what the photo actually is but I dont understand the outrage that some people had about an “angel”"

Because it's "Hip and Edgy" to be anti-religious on today's innertubes by spoiled secular libtards
perhaps if it was a pic of the Obamessiah they would be inclined to wax rhapsodic about the orgasms it induced
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