Marijuana Pepsi Jackson

You thought a boy named Sue would have to grow up strong and tough? Try overcoming life's obstacles as a girl named Marijuana Pepsi Jackson! Ms. Sawyer (her married name) is a schoolteacher who had parents with a sense of humor.
Sawyer's aunt, Mayetta Jackson of Chicago, clearly remembers when the name was picked in 1972. The newborn's mother and father were products of the post-Woodstock era when reefer was rampant.

"And they would cool off with a Pepsi," she said, which makes you think it's lucky for Sawyer that it wasn't Coke instead. "I thought it was crazy," her aunt said about the name, "but they were such fun-loving people that it suited them."

Ms. Sawyer's story does have some elements of the Johnny Cash song.
She gives a surprising amount of credit to her mother for making her resilient and resourceful. "She instilled in me that fighting attitude - never take no, you can do anything," Sawyer said.

By high school, her name was cool to many. "They were like, 'Oh yeah. Man, I wish I had your name. I love that. I'm going to name my kid after you.' I hear that so much and I go, Lord, please don't do that to that child." -via Fark

(image credit: Jeffrey Phelps)

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I used to work with a girl who said one of her best friends is named Pepsicola Marijuana after her mom's two favorite things. She called her "Pep" and told a bunch of normal friend type stories about her over a couple of years. I can't imagine that there are two people with that kind of name and she doesn't seem at all like the type to start an urban legend like that. Odd. I wonder if this woman went to Smith College.
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i swear this is the truth.

Early in her life, her mother "lost" her and filed a missing person report with the cpd. my dad was the cop that filled out that report.

I've been telling this story for about ten years or so - ever since he told it to me and I though it was a lie up until today when i saw it in print... WOW! How funny, and small, our world is!
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