Past War and Present Peace: the Siege of Leningrad Then and Now

It was a terrible time and difficult for us to imagine, when people froze to death and cooked soups from their belts and wallpaper glue just to stay alive. So how do we put ourselves in their shoes and see into the past? One man has assembled a collection of disturbing images from those dark days and collaged them with colorful images from present times. The results are spectacular, stark and thought-provoking.

“The Siege of Leningrad, also known as The Leningrad Blockade was an unsuccessful military operation by the Axis (Nazi) powers to capture Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) during World War II. The siege lasted from September 9, 1941, to January 27, 1944, when a narrow land corridor to the city was established by the Soviets. The total lifting of the siege occurred on January 27, 1944. The Siege of Leningrad was one of the longest and most destructive sieges of major cities in modern history and it was the second most costly.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Urbanist.

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@Frau - the UQ process is not perfect. Posts that should make it often didn't because of the photo (or lack of it) or the description.

Editors usually look at every single subs to counterbalance the votes but sometimes there's too many posts and not enough time ... Sorry!
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To me, these pictures give an impression how somehow time is not lineair- What has happened- in a sence still is happening while the present is unfolding. Like if in some way you still could see, hear, feel the echoes of those past times, of the peoples that lived and fought and died there. Indeed- Haunting...
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Wow - what a surprise. Another thing I submitted to the que back in february, that got voted down.
A clear example that people were voting down the topics because of the submitter.
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