The 10 Best Car Chases of the 70’s

The Golden Age of car chases in cinema came from a time before there were computer graphics, complex editing software and all the conveniences of modern movie making magic. 

For those of you around back then, the 70’s were awesome. We had bell-bottoms, disco and the Pontiac Trans Am. We were also inundated with the 70’s style car chase. You see, in the 1970’s they would generally use the same car throughout the entire chase scene. If directors could, they would try to get away with using only one car for a more authentic look and feel. Damage that occurred during filming could now be seen throughout the entire chase.


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They all featured squealing tires... even on dirt roads.
And in Bullit, Steve McQueen pulls off the greatest stunt ever. It's never been done since. He parallel parks, gets out, and locks his car! A Hollywood first!
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The cool thing about "Gone in 60 seconds" (the first one) is that they filmed the movie on real streets with no extras. All the people you see on the streets in the background are people who just happened to be there. They couldn't get away with making a movie that cool these days. It should be in the #1 spot.
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Yes... Those years have passed.
Now everywhere at cinema the computer drawing.
And all the same it is appreciable that in a film the artificial car is used.
And you it is frequent at cinema notice the such?
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Yes, but aside from the intro blurb, Bullitt is not among the top ten? And look, no Gone in 60 Seconds (the original), in which the last 45 minutes is non-stop awesome chase scene. It's still a cool list, just erroneously titled.
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