Wildlife photographer Enrique Aguirre was on a boat piloted by Captain Yohn Gideon with other photojournalists when they spotted an otter in the water with something odd in its paws ...

"I was like, did I actually see an otter with a video camera or was I hallucinating?" he said.

The screen on Aguirre's digital camera soon confirmed what he'd seen: an otter floating on its back, video camera grasped in its paws, lens aimed at the boat of excited photographers. The humans had a bad angle, but Aguirre managed to snap a single clear shot before the otter dived, video camera in tow.

"He's the only one who got the photo," Gideon said.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Jake.

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Maybe it wasn't random that the otter was holding the camera, over time it noticed that some species (us) kept holding up some device (cameras) and one happend to be laying on the bottom of the ocean so picked it up to mimic the action....thinking it might be some form of saying hello, maybe.
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They must be incredibly advanced to invent a waterproof camera with electronics that are impervious to salt water. I knew they were clever, but not that they had developed a high-tech spy corps.
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