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Now, no matter what you think of rock-and-roll, I think you have to keep a nice open mind about what the young people go for; otherwise the youngsters won't feel that you understand them.

Buddy Holly was one of the hottest rock-and-roll stars of the late 50s. He chartered a plane from Clear Lake, Iowa to Fargo, North Dakota, two stops on the Winter Dance Party tour. It took off around 1AM on February 3rd, 1959. That was 50 years ago today. The plane encountered a snowstorm shortly into the flight and crashed, killing the pilot, Holly, Richie Valens, and J.P. Richardson AKA The Big Bopper. The date became known as The Day The Music Died. Link

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when i was a little girl in the 70s,i really, really REALLY thought that my dad was Buddy Holly. His high school picture looks so uncannily like him, and my pop is a music teacher who plays the guitar. I thought that my dad was Buddy Holly and that he had escaped the crash to marry my mom.

In retrospect, I might have been wrong.
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One sad aspect about Buddy dying so early was that he still hadn't reached the peak of his abilities. He was still getting better and better. He was the real deal too. The music BUSINESS and hunger for fame have ruined so much. Guys like Buddy made music because they had no choice. It was in them and it needed to get out. It was inevitability. The success and adulation were nice rewards but not the prime motivaters back then. Now so much music seems to be sweet, sticky cotton candy. Fluffy and colorful but it ultimately doesn't satisfy in the long term.
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Wow, watching this clip it's just impossible to imagine how foreign and weird...even scary to everyone there this music was.

The woman giving the intro phrases it like you're about to hear something that is probably insanely horrible, but let's be nice and give it a chance. I can't imagine being that naive, but it's interesting to see.
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