Spin-Offs Spinning Out of Control

These days, TV, music and book spin-offs are a pretty slick business - but it wasn't always like that!

Here's a list of some pretty badly thought out spin-offs from the mists of time:

So Neil Simon writes a successful play, that then becomes an even more successful movie, and then becomes a long-running sitcom spin-off with Jack “Quincy” Klugman and Tony “proto-Niles” Randall. Surely that’s enough juice to be going on with. A couple more squeezes? You got it.

Exhibit A - The Odd Couple Sings, an endeavour that could most generously be described as misjudged, particularly as Klugman’s pipes aren’t exactly what you call fit for purpose. You can download the full horror at the link above, particularly the awesome version of You’re So Vain.

The indignities don’t stop there for ol’ Felix and Oscar. Oh no, after 114 hit episodes, the concept was later revived in 1982 as The New Old Couple. New, I hear you say? So, new scripts right? Not exactly. The same scripts, in fact. Then how is it new? Well, er Felix and Oscar, well, they’re er, now they’re black. So why don’t we call it The Black Odd Couple? Dude, that’s not cool.


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'You're So Vain' is hilarious - more for Tony Randall's comments than for Jack Klugman's voice. they were smart to go for the comedy and it totally worked. it was very reminiscent of Mystery Science Theater - in song version - and, at least in the beginning, Tony Randall sounded a lot like Mike Nelson. now we need a whole new sub-genre of 'song riffers'.
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