An embarrassing look at the Wii Fit

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So after the absurdity of waiting forever to get my hands on a Wii Fit, I thought it might work for the site I work for to put together a quick video with a few hat tips to other popular online videos detailing what is most likely the experience of 90% of the people who purchase a Wii Fit in order to lose weight and get into shape.

We just posted it this morning and I think it is one of the things that I am both most proud of and most ashamed of ever filming for the internet. I'm sure once the comments start rolling in, the pride will all be replaced with shame...

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I thought it was hilarious! I saw myself in it several times: I also nearly wallowed on it when it arrived (I tracked the shipment of the thing for two days before receiving it) and I also cuss at it faor calling me "overweight" every morning at 6 AM. Screw that board, why does he think I bought the darn wii fit? However, I LOVE the wiif it! I do yoga first (my abs are sore, but it's worth it!), followed by some strength training and end with a 30 minute free run. The first week I gained 1.5 lbs but if you stick with it, you will find that you were gaining muscle under that fat. When you eventually lose the fat (and you will if you do the exercise programs) you will be surprised.

Anyway, to sum up: the vid was hilarious and I love my wii fit!
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How in the world did you work an "I hate obama" comment into this post?!

Also, usage of the word 'sheeple' is extremely annoying. Although, I do like the irony of situation that those who use it are 'following the pack' of others who think they are so clever for using a non-word synonym for 'a conformist'.
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ted, as noted in my comment above, the opening scene was a tribute to N64 boy (search YouTube for it); when I actually first opened it, I assure you my reaction was rather stoic until I remembered N64 boy, smiled, and had the idea for this video.
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