Unsold Cars Pile Up

What happens to all those cars that go unsold?  Check out this collection of photographs illustrating the growing stockpile of unsold autos world wide.

Pictured is a Nissan test track being used to store thousands of unsold cars.

Carmakers around the world are cutting production as inventories build up to unprecedented levels. Storage areas and docksides are now packed with vast expanses of unsold cars as demand slumps


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I am sure there are plenty of charities or churches that know people who are in need of a car, whether new or a good used one. Why don't the car companies donate the cars to them and take get a tax break?
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These pictures may really represent cars stored waiting to be shipped in 2003. Ships take a lot of cars and there is not always one ready to go.

I wonder if it is possible that there will not be a 2011 car made with this glut, if it is true. The cost of development has to be spread out over every car made. Fewer cars made will mean more cost per car.

The VW from WWII was Hitler's idea. A car where the front and rear fenders were interchangeble. The design did not change every year. What difference does it make these days when most cars look a like.

Tons of money could be saved if there were maybe just 6 different engines and 6 different transmissions. Can you imagine the savings if you could buy a filter that that would fit 1997-2009.

I once had a car where I had to be careful and buy a fuel filter that was made for a 1987 1/2 and not a 1987. The cost is incredible for all the filters that were never sold but stored and then went to the garbage.

In 1987 I had to pay $100 (discounted from $125) head light shell because the lense was cracked.

I remember when I could buy a bag of potato chips and the whole rack was 10 feet long. The soda section was 20 feet long. Now, chip and soda with all the flavors is a whole aisle. People are really spoiled.

Hold on because we are going into a depression. But this time people will really suffer because they do not burn wood, many people are not self sufficient by living on a family farm, people must have cable, cell phone, internet and Bull's tickets on $50,000 a year.

I'm the new rich now. Not that I mak any more money, but because so many people have lost so much more. Any time I want finacial advice, I go to the curb. My broker is living in his car.
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