How To Lose Belly Fat

To paraphrase Animal Farm, "some fats are more equal than others".
While putting on weight in general can have negative effects on your health, abdominal weight gain (visceral fat) is particularly unhealthy. Since visceral fat is buried deep in your abdomen, it may seem like a difficult target for spot reduction. But this fat is actually quite sensitive to exercise and calorie reduction.

In addition to diet and exercise for reducing overall fat, eMedExpert Blog has five tips for reducing belly fat in particular. Link -Thanks, Karen!

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I thought it had been known and understood for some time now that there are two kinds of fat: subcutaneous and visceral. The visceral fat that accumulates around the internal organs is beneath the muscle and pushes out, that is why you will see guys with enormous guts that feel hard to the touch, not bowl-full-of-jelly jiggly. Visceral fat, along with a hereditary tendency to carry your weight in "apple" fashion around the waist, is linked with type 2 diabetes. Anecdotal though it may be, I'm only 20 lbs over what I should weigh for my height, but that and a family history of diabetes, plus the familial tendency to carry weight around the waist rather than below it (it's healthier to have a big butt than a big waist) resulted in getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 4 years ago.

It seems to me like all of the advice in the article was good, sound, healthy stuff for losing weight, period. But the two kinds of weight thing is a valid fact, sorry. Fat IS fat, but it affects your health in different ways according to where it accumulates. So guess who's been avoiding white sugar, white flour, and has exercised *nearly* every day of the new year?

*just keep swimming, just keep swimming*
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Just another crap "research" to get people's hopes up.
Almost every research, as others have pointed out, will tell you that you can not lose weight in only a specific area, spot reduce whatever you want to call it.
You exercise, eat right, and the fat burns off everywhere. It may seem to reduce quicker in areas you have the most, such as belly, or thighs or wherever, but there's nothing out there to prove that you can lose fat in a specific area by doing something special.
As for the saggy skin, it just depends on the person I think and how much they had to lose and how quickly they lost it.
Some people won't have any saggy skin while others will b/c they've lost that elasticity in their skin. Diabetes caused my brother to lose about 70lbs in a very short amount of time. The only place he has saggy skin is his belly. It was sorta bad at first, but as the years went by, it's slowly tightened back up. It's still a little saggy but not bad.
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