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How To Lose Belly Fat

To paraphrase Animal Farm, "some fats are more equal than others".
While putting on weight in general can have negative effects on your health, abdominal weight gain (visceral fat) is particularly unhealthy. Since visceral fat is buried deep in your abdomen, it may seem like a difficult target for spot reduction. But this fat is actually quite sensitive to exercise and calorie reduction.

In addition to diet and exercise for reducing overall fat, eMedExpert Blog has five tips for reducing belly fat in particular. Link -Thanks, Karen!

What a load of crap.

Fat IS fat and there is no specific diet or exercise that will specifically target one "type" of fat or one "area" (muscles yes, fat NO).
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The problem with loosing weight from being quite overweight is a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' issue. There are those that work their ass off loosing a crap load of weight, and are rewarded with a sack of sagging skin. This looks so unappealing to people, if they don't have the money for costmetic surgery they just give up and gain the weight back again. I think too many people ignore this issue when they have an all high and mighty opinion about people not doing anything to loose weight. The human body is more flawed then people would like to think it is.
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First, it's losing, not loosing. How often do we have to point this out?

Second, the problem with losing weight is not some BS about sagging skin. The problem is being lazy. No, it really is. That sagging skin crap is just an excuse and it doesn't happen to most in any case.
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You cannot spot reduce. Well known fact.

What you CAN do is exercise and tone the muscles underneath, which certainly makes you look better. Yoga, pilates, crunches, leg lifts, etc. Anything that tones and strengthens the core muscles.
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I am not saying it's an excuse, I'm saying it's a result. It has happened to my friend and she has some serious self image issues about it. She looses 75 lbs. and is rewarded with this shit? What is she going to do about it huh? How about you tell me some options she has genius. It's so easy to say how lazy people are especialy when you havn't had to deal with that problem eh?
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(auto moderation kicked in, I will have to use a different word.)


I am not saying it’s an excuse, I’m saying it’s a result. It has happened to my friend and she has some serious self image issues about it. She looses 75 lbs. and is rewarded with this crap? What is she going to do about it huh? How about you tell me some options she has genius. It’s so easy to say how lazy people are especialy when you havn’t had to deal with that problem eh?
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I think EVERYBODY at neatorama is awesome.

But this is just a bad post.

1) The content is a total load of crap (Not food pun intended).
2) What isn't toatally wrong in this, is common sense.
3) How is this even "neat"?

People (Americans) just need to stop eating fastfood, and too much of it, watch less TV, and make some sort of attempt to be productive. Any fashion seems to work... If you using your mind, generally, you're using your stomache less.
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Come on. Not only is the 'spot-reduce' bullshit, but the idea of 'losing weight is healthy' thing is bullshit.

Be active and you'll be healthy:
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Mr. Binky,

Do people seriously actually care about their getting "Healthier"? No, then change their habits because the doctor tells them that if they don't chance their habits they are going to DIE and then become concerned about their health. Look the majority of these posts, given the majority of these opinions; does getting healthier actually matter? That's the real BS here. If there was a miracle cure for an instant slim body but gives you 10 years to live, more people than you think would take it, and then regret their decision just before those years are up. Yes, people are that shallow.
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You lose fat around the middle the same way you lose fat anywhere, burn off more calories than you take in. Doing some spot specific exercises will help tone that area.

If you have sagging skin as a result of weight loss you were more than just overweight when you started. The elasticity of skin is pretty resilient to weight gain and loss. I lost 70 lbs several years ago and did not have any sagging skin.
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Woo! The people here are so misinformed. Yes, it is impossible to spot reduce by doing exercises. This article is about diet and not exercise, though. It is absolutely true that some diets/foods will cause specific sorts of fat deposits, though (such as belly fat).
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#17 @parahaps

What BS - site any published study (and leave the Lady's Home Journal and National Enquirer articles on your night stand) that backs up your speculation.
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One anecdotal story about someone, even if you know them personally, does not mean that everyone with a wieight problem thinks/feels the same way. Or will even face the same skin sagging issue. That is not normal for that to occur and might have occured because she lost that weight way too fast. When weight is shed at a healthy rate (about 2lbs. a week), the body has time to get rid of the extra skin as well. Rapidly shedding water, which a lot of dieting and weight loss really is, will result in sagging skin.
As the genius that I am, I would suggest that she see a doctor to find up what is F'ed up with her body to respond to weight loss that way.
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I'm puzzled. The linked article cites studies in peer reviewed journals that suggest that some dietary factors do reduce belly fat. Is it really so hard to believe the conventional wisdom (that you can't target a particular area of fat) might be wrong?
I've heard that too, repeatedly, but I've no idea what evidence there is for that claim. Sure, the studies might be flawed in some way, or be talking about smaller effects that we'd like. But, as presented anyway, they seem solid enough to warrant consideration.
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When cortisol is elevated (ie in times of stress) fat is moved from other parts of the body to the abdominal area. This is because fat here is more easily mobilized than at other parts of the body.

Several of these points relate to lowering cortisol...

Generally,people have multiple times of the day where they are either burning fat or storing fat, whether dieting or not. If cortisol levels are too high, the fat will be stored in the tummy when fat is being stored. This can result in your tummy being slightly fatter even when in a calorie deficit; that is, until you lose enough fat everywhere so you tummy starts to shrink.

They idea that people store fat and lose fat evenly over there body is false... the truth us more complicated than that.

The idea that one can spot reduce using exercise is also false. However, there are certain things you can do to influence hormones in your favor to have fat storage patterns be more complimentary to your figure....

but if your dieting this last point is moot anyways
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I think it might have been a joke. I mean seriously, how can any site touting that it can help you lose weight when it pretty much tells you to smoke.

Some people need to lighten up I think.
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Well, I just drank a whole bottle of olive oil and now I'm gonna smoke my cigs and eat my supersized fries GUILT FREE! Oh, and some cake too, and then some chocolate to go with my drink!
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Obesity *is* an *independent* risk factor for other unhealthy conditions like high BP and coronary artery disease. I can agree that there are 'fat' people who are healthier than some 'skinny' people (however you want to define these terms), but I won't agree that this is universally, categorically true.

I'll go with the Mayo Clinic on this one.
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Just another crap "research" to get people's hopes up.
Almost every research, as others have pointed out, will tell you that you can not lose weight in only a specific area, spot reduce whatever you want to call it.
You exercise, eat right, and the fat burns off everywhere. It may seem to reduce quicker in areas you have the most, such as belly, or thighs or wherever, but there's nothing out there to prove that you can lose fat in a specific area by doing something special.
As for the saggy skin, it just depends on the person I think and how much they had to lose and how quickly they lost it.
Some people won't have any saggy skin while others will b/c they've lost that elasticity in their skin. Diabetes caused my brother to lose about 70lbs in a very short amount of time. The only place he has saggy skin is his belly. It was sorta bad at first, but as the years went by, it's slowly tightened back up. It's still a little saggy but not bad.
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I thought it had been known and understood for some time now that there are two kinds of fat: subcutaneous and visceral. The visceral fat that accumulates around the internal organs is beneath the muscle and pushes out, that is why you will see guys with enormous guts that feel hard to the touch, not bowl-full-of-jelly jiggly. Visceral fat, along with a hereditary tendency to carry your weight in "apple" fashion around the waist, is linked with type 2 diabetes. Anecdotal though it may be, I'm only 20 lbs over what I should weigh for my height, but that and a family history of diabetes, plus the familial tendency to carry weight around the waist rather than below it (it's healthier to have a big butt than a big waist) resulted in getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 4 years ago.

It seems to me like all of the advice in the article was good, sound, healthy stuff for losing weight, period. But the two kinds of weight thing is a valid fact, sorry. Fat IS fat, but it affects your health in different ways according to where it accumulates. So guess who's been avoiding white sugar, white flour, and has exercised *nearly* every day of the new year?

*just keep swimming, just keep swimming*
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Xayser forget about bacon. How about human!
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