Channeling Vermeer

Jonathan Janson paints today's interwebby people  in a 17th c. Dutch sort of way.  Among his works are Girl in a Red Cap, Young Man with a Cell Phone, and my favorite, Young Girl Writing an Email.

Janson's paintings have the luminous quality that made Vermeer famous, and his website, Essential Vermeer, indicates he's spent a lot of time studying the master. He's learned some good lessons.

Link - via miamakila

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it is difficult to be a copycat because you will never be as good as the one you copy. and if you understand art a little bit you know that copying is actually easier to get quicker result for beginner. but after all, i think an " artist" who wants to be painting like some others are pretty soulless. i mean, taking good thing from vermeer is fine, but to taking his whole composition and painting technique also the ways he drew people and then just put a little modern objects in there is embarrassing.

skill is important but if a painting only consist of that then i really dont appreciate it.
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i'd agree that the artist's skill of pushing paint is extremely high. they remind as much as Vincent Desiderio as they do Vermeer. but if the concept is simply to throw a contemporary spin to Vermeer's settings (ala "haha! art in-joke!!!"), my liking of them goes down.
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Boring? Oh no - it's quite difficult to paint like Vermeer. Quite very difficult. What Janson did was awesome. Unless, of course, you can paint like the Old Masters, popeyeisgood.
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i think his paintings are quite boring. just because he is putting the modern ojects and people in a vermeer setup doesn't mean it is neat. in fact it is quite cheesy imo.i can bring you countless nowadays old master wannabes with so-called modern life elements in it and they are all the same to me. nothing exciting.
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"Channeling Vermeer"

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