Why Stepping Onto the Bowling Lanes is a Bad Idea

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This woman got really, really excited when she bowled a strike. Here's why you should never step foot on the bowling lanes ...

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"# Lars
January 9th, 2009 at 4:48 pm

Was this worth of publishing? What a bore. I must be an idiot to come to this website anyway."

I guess it takes a bigger idiot to leave a comment after one has had that thought about coming here...
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Kinda funny, but then not. At least it wasn't people laughing at some guy getting hit in the balls.

I didn't know they waxed the lanes that much.
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I laughed, then felt bad for her. I think the level of funniness is relative to the injury. Seeing someone fall down usually induces a laugh. Seeing someone knock out their teeth, break a bone, crack their skull - cringe inducing horror

Ive seen people at bowling alleys on their first time that did not know they were not supposed to walk on the lane until told by employees.
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