Nature's Architects

People aren't the only ones who build things. In fact, some animals are better at it than we are! Beavers, moles, birds, many insects, and spiders are natural builders with amazing structures you'll see at WebEcoist. The homes pictured were all built by termites, who erect the largest structures relative to their size of any animal. Link -via Unique Daily

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That spider one gives me the creeps. First they work together, secondly they build gigantic webs and thirdly they are spiders! Thank God we got fire on our side. :)
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Nature's architects -- and just nature period -- is restorative for your brain. When someone tells you to "take a hike" it is truly in your best interest to do so. Even if the termperature has dropped below freezing in winter you will still benefit more from getting outdoors and being with nature for a while than staying warm inside, working in your cubicle.

Interacting with nature can have similar effects as meditating, according to psychology researchers. A new study shows how the city hurts your brain and how a walk in nature can restore it. That simple walk in the park can improve memory,attention and self-control.

A really good article on the research is on Ethic Soup blog at:

Sharon McEachern
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"Nature's Architects"

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