An Early Oscar Prediction?

The folks at iBored posted this about a month ago, but now that we're getting closer to the Oscars I thought it might be interesting to see what you guys think.

Here's my two cents: I thought Heath Ledger was awesome, and I don't usually even like those movies. I really hated Batman Begins even though I love Christian Bale. Katie Holmes kinda ruined it for me. On second thought, maybe that's why I liked The Dark Knight. I digress. Back to your thoughts - Is this poster a prediction of how the Oscars are going to go this year? Do you think it should be? Let us know in the comments. Either way, I think the poster is neat.

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Poster is neat..
and Heath Ledgar's performance was artistically sadistic..
Guess Slumdog Millioniare would win the best picture..
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Too far, ted.

It was an accidental overdose due to stress. I'd hate to be a family member and read what you wrote. Heath was a great guy, by all accounts.
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"An Early Oscar Prediction?"

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