Where Did All the Acorns Go?

First it was the bees. Then, something strange is happening to acorns: this year, there are no acorns in

"I'm used to seeing so many acorns around and out in the field, it's something I just didn't believe," he said. "But this is not just not a good year for oaks. It's a zero year. There's zero production. I've never seen anything like this before."

The absence of acorns could have something to do with the weather, Simmons thought. But he hoped it wasn't a climatic event. "Let's hope it's not something ghastly going on with the natural world."

To find out, Simmons and Arlington naturalists began calling around. A naturalist in Maryland found no acorns on an Audubon nature walk there. Ditto for Fairfax, Falls Church, Charles County, even as far away as Pennsylvania. There are no acorns falling from the majestic oaks in Arlington National Cemetery.

"Once I started paying attention, I couldn't find any acorns anywhere. Not from white oaks, red oaks or black oaks, and this was supposed to be their big year," said Greg Zell, a naturalist at Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington. "We're talking zero. Not a single acorn. It's really bizarre."


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I'd like to buy a bushel of acorns to help feed my squirrels, but can't find any on the net. Lately I've been buying walnuts from Ann's Nuthouse for a dollar a bag, 2 pounds or more a bag.
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We also have had bushels of acorns for the past several years here in Maryland, but now, without warning, not a single one! Quite alarming in view of the lack of bees. We had more spraying this past year for gypsy moths. Other than that, I can't think of anything different. No drought - although I think we have had droughts - at least small ones - in the previous 2-3 years. I don't think I've seen any oak sprouts anywhere either. The hungry squirrels must have dug all of them up.
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Have a monster white oak in my yard and not a single acorn. Can't remember this ever happening before. Guess I had better put out something for the squirels.

Fort Washington, Md.
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My personal belief is that there are no acorns anywhere in the country and that the people who claim that there are acorns where they live are shills and liars. You won't convince me otherwise.
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