The Decorative Trucks of Pakistan

Japan may have some strange pimped out semis (blogged on Neatorama here), but they certainly don't have the monopoly on vehicle art. Behold the creative truck art of Pakistan:

Even though truck art isn’t unique to Pakistan anymore, nowhere else in the world is the practice so pervasive. In a country where the per capita income is barely north of $2,000, it is surprising to see fleet owners (the trucks aren’t owner-operated) spend $3,000-$5,000 per truck for structural modifications that convert these gas-guzzling, smoke-spewing, road-dominating monstrosities into beautiful moving canvases covered in poetry, folk tales, and ‘…religious, sentimental and emotional worldviews of the individuals employed in the truck industry,’ making it one of the biggest forms of representational art in the country.


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Having visited Pakistan on and off to see ye olde relatives. I have to say that I was amazed by these trucks and buses. Trust me when I say you do start tripping when you're stuck behind these in traffic. Might be because of the mingling of the bright colours and the noxious fumes.
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I think they are very nice to look at. Instead of the same old boring logos. Each driver has their own personal taste. And it is easy to find your truck in the parking lot.

Alex, You'll have to mention The Jeepney's of the Philippines, in a future post.
Like rolling discos. :)
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Sure, you may feel that way as a tourist, but if you lived in that culture all your life you would have been desensitized by Bollywood. Secondly, I'd like to point out that only an idiot would want to hijack one of those trucks and think they wouldn't get noticed.
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While I can see that a lot of talent and work has been put into these, I have to agree with vero4902. I would hate to be stuck behind a loud, acid trip of an atrocity like these.
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