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Every time you reload the page, you'll get a different randomly-generated recipe. This goes a long way toward proving that machines can't cook. Here's what I got on the first try:
Coffee Surprise
Serves 5
You will need:

* 20ml coffee
* 3 slices of bread
* 20g sugar
* 20ml red wine
* 100ml tabasco sauce


1. pre-heat the oven to 230 C
2. fry the slices of bread until browned
3. microwave the red wine
4. fry the coffee
5. saute the slices of bread
6. spoon the coffee onto a warmed plate
7. saute the red wine
8. microwave the sugar
9. eat the slices of bread
10. slice the tabasco sauce
11. bake for 80 minutes and serve hot


http://jamesoff.net/site/fun/random-recipe-generator/ -via b3ta

(image credit: bitzcelt)

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tea bag or coffee
200ml of cold water
20ml milk

heat water using a kettle
place tea bag or coffee in a cup
pour boiled water in to cup
add milk and sugar to taste.
order out and enjoy a cup of hot beverage whilst you wait for it to be delivered.
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I got a horribly complicated recipe... So many steps.

White Wine Vinegar A La Sugar
Serves 2

You will need:
20g ginger
130ml brandy
140ml white wine vinegar
20ml hot pepper sauce
70g sugar

pre-heat the oven to 210 C
microwave the sugar
simmer the sugar gently for 20 minutes
fry the sugar
stir the sugar
throw the brandy away
mix the sugar in
eat the sugar
barbeque the white wine vinegar
throw the hot pepper sauce away
simmer the white wine vinegar gently for 20 minutes
spoon the white wine vinegar onto a warmed plate
flambe the white wine vinegar
melt the white wine vinegar
flip the white wine vinegar
mix the white wine vinegar in
barbeque the ginger
bake for 90 minutes and serve hot

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This one is called "Slices Of Bread Supreme"

Serves 2
You will need:

* 1 slices of bread
* 80ml soy sauce
* 20ml soy sauce


1. grill the soy sauce
2. whisk the soy sauce
3. barbeque the soy sauce
4. defrost the slices of bread
5. serve piping hot

Yum. Soy sauce soaked bread supreme!
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This one is funny:
Serves 3
You will need:

* 60g noodles
* 130g beef


1. discard the noodles
2. rinse the beef
3. go down the pub

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