eCard To Say Sorry For Infecting You with STDs

There's an eCard for every occasion, including for telling your partners that they may just be infected with STDs ...

Madison Park of CNN has the story:

Breaking up over e-mail is a social no-no. But sending an e-card telling someone to get tested for STDs may be a public health courtesy.

Since 2004, a free Web site, has allowed users to anonymously notify their partners to get tested for STDs such as HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis.

It may not be the most personal way of delivering the news, but researchers say it beats not saying anything at all.

"When you weigh the importance of getting people notified, that's ultimately what needs to be done," said Jeffrey D. Klausner, director of STD Prevention and Control Services in San Francisco, California's Department of Public Health. "By notifying them -- even if it's done anonymously, even distantly, even with an e-card -- the benefits of getting someone diagnosed and treated outweigh the concerns of insensitivity."

Link: Article at CNN | inSpot Website

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Newest 4 Comments, The best, most trusted and largest dating site for STD singles and friends!

It's useful. the site is for people with STDs find support, friendship, info and even love.
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ugh. Wrong post... I'm not drunk, I promise. ignore that ^.

But since I'm here anyway, I'd heard about this service before (not because anyone sent me a notification from it, luckily) and I find it repulsive but it has a good heart. I personally feel that it is the duty of whoever has found themselves to be STD positive to alert their previous sexual partners immediately. In this way, I adore the site in promoting this. I'm horrified by the manner in which the site is presented however. They trivialize STD awareness by making it too cutesy. If I were to hear from someone that I need to get tested, I would want a serious and informative notification. If it must be anonymous, so be it, but I would want it to be serious. We're talking about life-threatening illnesses here, not cooties.

So there ya go.
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