Tag a Dummer

What do you get when you mix typographic creativity, social awareness, and a little bit of vandalism? Here's Tag a Dummer, a website where you can upload photos of "tagged" Hummers in protest of the gas-guzzling vehicles: http://tagadummer.com/ [Flash] | The Gallery

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I'm quite irritated by Hummers and other battlecar galacticas, especially when they take up two parking spaces ON PURPOSE because God forbid that anyone park too closely to their war machines.

But this is private property, folks. We can not live in a free society when people take it upon themselves to vanalize private property, just to score political points. This is Fascism.
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Pol x, I bow to your superior judgment.

I've only had a ride in one Hummer, and it didn't seem terribly comfortable.

I just assumed that anybody who'd go to the trouble of Photoshopping a bunch of D's on Hummer pictures is probably a smidge envious.
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Wicked Ashtray, No one needs:

Any paint other than black. All other colors are just prestentious and add icky pigements to the environment. ANd let's not talk about tats..

Tofu, chew the soybeans and quit whinning

Earing, nose rings, other rings, just a waste of resources that someone had to mine, transport...

Beer, unless you make it yourself from barly you grow (John Barlycorn must die!).

Poetry Magazines, Kleig lights for music or plays, ...

Oh, you like things and think they are fine, but if you don't like them there is no reason for anyone to possibly have them...

I bow to your superior judgement, tastes and discerment of what is truly worthwhile for me.
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