Tag a Dummer

What do you get when you mix typographic creativity, social awareness, and a little bit of vandalism? Here's Tag a Dummer, a website where you can upload photos of "tagged" Hummers in protest of the gas-guzzling vehicles: http://tagadummer.com/ [Flash] | The Gallery

The picture looks slightly old. I think it maybe due to the '04 sticker on the window. But still a fascinating way to vandalize without damaging property AND making a statement. :)
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I love the legal disclaimer. Here's what you do, how you do it and the materials you'll need. Oh and it's illegal and if you're caught you're on your own. However, when you do it take a picture and post it here. You've got to love America. The freedom to own what you want and have it vandalized (yes it is vandalism) by those that think they should be running all of our lives.
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Yes, of all the evils in the world, we should definitely be focused on stopping large cars.

Thank God we have Mr. Gore to lead the way on living a green life. He would never use more fossil fuel energy than absolutely necessary. I mean he would never have a huge house that sucks up 12 times more fuel than an average home. That would just be showing off. Let's look at his eco-friendly house:


Oh wait, he buys carbon offsets and planted a tree to make it ok.
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"How long until someone replaces the last two letters of “Prius” with “ck”?" -Evil Pundit

nicely done, worth a second mention
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whiny, self-important holier-than-thous.... sure, but in no way envious.

Hummers are rubbish cars. If you want a all wheel drive car get a land rover, or a land cruiser troop carrier, hummers are god awful.

Also a Hummer is a sort of blow job.
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sadtomato - I bought an SUV because I work craft shows and the like and have to haul around a lot of equipment. My mother and grandmother (before she passed away) both rely on wheelchairs to get around and I needed a vehicle that could also carry both of those chairs around while still being able to comfortably carry to two disabled people, not including myself, my father, my husband or a cousin who came along to help with our outings.

Who are you to judge what I drive?

Be glad you never vandalized my car - I would have pressed charges against you. You are a sad, pathetic, judgmental, holier-than-thou waste of space.
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No one and I mean NO ONE needs an 8 cylinder engine nowadays unless they are using it for a specific purpose such as work etc. 4 cylinder engines are far more efficient and powerful than they were even 20 years ago. The kicker is that 90% of the time when I see vehicles such as the Hummer on the road there is a single occupant inside. Their excuse "I want to make sure my family is safe!". So with that mentality its become a sort of arms race.

I bought a Scion XB (the one that looks like a toaster with wheels) and got used to the size very quickly and it turns out its far more pleasant to drive and more comfortable than some of the land yachts I drove when I was younger.
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Wicked Ashtray, No one needs:

Any paint other than black. All other colors are just prestentious and add icky pigements to the environment. ANd let's not talk about tats..

Tofu, chew the soybeans and quit whinning

Earing, nose rings, other rings, just a waste of resources that someone had to mine, transport...

Beer, unless you make it yourself from barly you grow (John Barlycorn must die!).

Poetry Magazines, Kleig lights for music or plays, ...

Oh, you like things and think they are fine, but if you don't like them there is no reason for anyone to possibly have them...

I bow to your superior judgement, tastes and discerment of what is truly worthwhile for me.
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Pol x, I bow to your superior judgment.

I've only had a ride in one Hummer, and it didn't seem terribly comfortable.

I just assumed that anybody who'd go to the trouble of Photoshopping a bunch of D's on Hummer pictures is probably a smidge envious.
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I'm quite irritated by Hummers and other battlecar galacticas, especially when they take up two parking spaces ON PURPOSE because God forbid that anyone park too closely to their war machines.

But this is private property, folks. We can not live in a free society when people take it upon themselves to vanalize private property, just to score political points. This is Fascism.
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