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Peanut Butter Slices

If you've ever thought making a peanut butter sandwich was just too much of a hassle, then I have the product for you: P.B. Slices. Here's a list of stores selling the slices in the USA. I also learned by exploring the P.B. Slices site that arachibutyrophobia is the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth. This site promises to cure the phobia in just 24 hours. Via Serious Eats.

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Bah! The whole fun of putting peanut butter on a piece of bread is the ability to put how much you want on your sandwich depending on your mood.
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According to my son, I make the best PB&J's in the world. Jif and boysenberry. But the true secret is in the PB to J ratio.

You must have control over the ratio.
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From the PB Slices web site: "P.B. Slices is a peanut-based product, made with peanuts from Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico". Peanut based, which means who knows how many chemicals and stabilizers and other crap you don't need to put in your body. Me, I'll open a jar of my favorite brand and spread it myself.
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This is crazy. Imagine the preservatives that must be used in this process.

Screw this. I use only natural pb.

If you are too lazy to make a pb and j the old fasioned way, you dont need one.
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I can't even imagine what chemicals that plastic must be treated with to keep PB from sticking to it. I wouldn't want something like that touching my food, frankly.
The ONLY use I can see for this would be if you were packing picnic stuff to bring on a plane where they wouldn't let you have a knife.
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I'm relatively certain it must be full of high fructose corn syrup and several other binding agents. REAL Peanut Butter is quite goopy and near liquid.

This is disgusting; insulting. It's dangerous.

No responsible parent would allow their kids to eat this.
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Useful for when you have some weak bread. Ya'know the .99-at-super-america kind that just forms a hole when you try to spread the pb. BTW i would imagine that there are no more preservitives in these than there are in a jar of Jif or the like.
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