The Neatorama Typosquatters Are Slacking!

Typosquatters [wiki] register common misspellings of a website's domain name, in hope that someone's typo could lead to making money (by putting ads on the typosquatted domains, for instance). In some instances, typosquatters are more malicious - their aims are to spread malwares or lead viewers to shock sites.

Well, so how do you know if your domain name has been typosquatted? Here's a pretty neat site called Typosquat24 where you can find out. Digg, for instance, has a "squat popularity" (dunno how they came up with that) of 89%, whereas reddit's is only 26%. Google has a squat popularity of 91%, MSN has 98%, and Yahoo has 96%.

In terms of blogs, Boing Boing has a squat popularity of 7%, TechCrunch has 11%, HuffPo has 12% and the wily funny ICanHasCheezburger has 7%.

Neatorama has a puny squat popularity of 3%, as you can see below. So get to it, typosquatters! What are you waiting for? My ego is bruised!


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"The Neatorama Typosquatters Are Slacking!"

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