Breakfast Hot Dog Wrapped in Bacon Goodness

Hot dogs aren't health food - in fact, most of them will slowly kill you with their high levels of fat and other yummy yet deadly ingredients. But some dogs will kill you faster than others.

Al Dente blog has a run down of 5 cardiac arrest-inducing hot dogs that look good enough to die for!

Start the morning right with the Breakfast Hot Dog from Crif Dog's in New York. Wrapped in bacon and deep-fried, this dog is accompanied with a fried egg and American cheese. All it's missing is a layer of hash browns and sausage gravy. Hey, when you think about it that way, this breakfast dog is bush-league! Time to step it up, Crif's. Read more about this hot dog here.

Now is that yummy or gross? - Thanks Jill Harness!

(Photo: amusingbouche [Flickr])

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@ recidivista
1)(In Los Angeles, the bacon-wrapped hotdog that made the garment and produce districts smell so divine has been banned)

Mini skirts that smell like hot dogs "before" they've been worn, don't sell very well.

2)(You can still get one if you know where to go)

Since you can't get them in L.A., you have to go wherever you can find alot of Mexicans.

Thats why they dont have bacon wrapped, hot dogs in L.A. Being located so close to the Mex/Us border, nobody in L.A. wants to mislead anyone into misidentifying them as possible illegal aliens.

If you thought bacon wrapped dogs in L.A. were non existent, illegal aliens are unspeakably unimaginable.
"Oye me no, como piensas"!

The city of 76'.
"Yankee Doodle went to town, they mugged him for his Daytons. Stuck a hot dog up his *** and called him Chicharony"
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@ Alison
(I’m really glad I don’t like bacon, otherwise I think I’d be on my way to death with this trend)

I've got news for you, with or without bacon, your on your way there anyway. So you might as well enjoy the ride. Here's a bit more healthy "dog recipe" for you.

1) Snap off those useless little thumbs from the underside of a Datschund.
2) Wrap the freshly dethumbed, oiled down, dog in an entire pork belly(if dog is uncharacteristicaly large, wrap in 2 pork bellies)
3) Bake in the oven at 345 deg.(preheating is extremely neccesary. Otherwise they yelp for too long)
4) Enjoy! Excellent with an import Pilsner
(If you partialy dethumb, leaving only the first knuckle, then its a "Pork Knuckle Dog")

Some people prefer this "Hog Dog" recipe "smoked".
However, that is more difficult, being that you first have to train the Datschund to light up a stogey.

Some, danger-loving, thrill-seeker, adventurous eaters like the Japanese, whom eat poisonous Puffer Fish. Many times, prefer this dish, like Sushimi, uncooked.
However, unless you customarily eat with an unsheathed Katana(Samurai sword) in one hand, I don't recommend the raw "Belly Dog". This dish, uncooked, will often bite back!

If you like this one, in the future, I can post my recipe for "dog on a stick". Thats called a
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