High Heel Shoes for Babies

That's right: you're looking at high heel shoes for babies age 0 to 6 months. They're "crib shoes" by Heelarious, and it'll only set you back $35 to make your little princess look fab-yu-lous!


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So many ppl commented on these as if high heels are all about sex. I have a friend who just loves high heeled shoes so why wouldnt she want these for her baby girl. They are just a novelty item and I dont think so much negativity needs to be put on these shoes. If you want to talk uneeded fashion what about the hoochie shorts and skirts they are allowing 7 and 8 year olds to wear or the words across little girls butts thats so uncalled for if you ask me.

Little girls for ages have been playing dress up in mommys heels or heels that are made for little girls and its just fun. I think we as a society think its sick cause that is what society feeds us. If you dont make it out to be sick then your child will never know the differance.

I have also read places that the heels are going to destroy the babys self image if these shoes only go to 6mo that baby has no clue so I think the ill effects are in ppls head. We as the adults put these negative images in childrens heads the children dont know any better.

Just my 2 cents...
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I agree with the others here. Obviously they are meant to be cute but I think it's wrong. But guess what folks? There is a whole other society out there who is not interested in creating a new wave of Jessica Sarah Parkers. A child's focus should be on learning and developing, not reinforcing stereo types that women are just dumb bimbos. Unfortunately, people will probably buy these, which is sad.
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I love them they are so cute in fact I am 5 months pregnat and I am going to buy my daughter a pait today. If you don't like them or agree with them then don't buy them its your choice. And I chose to buiy my little girl a pair or even two. Evenstill since when did wearing high heel shoes make someone a whore.
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