Why We Love Bacon

What is it about bacon that is so awesome and why do Americans love bacon?

Sarah Hepola wrote this interesting Salon article about some possible reasons for bacon mania:

Sarah Katherine Lewis recently wrote a book called "Sex and Bacon: Why I Love Things That Are Very, Very Bad for Me." It's a series of funny, outré personal essays, with a title meant to transmit a kind of wanton lustiness. Bacon is the perfect food with which to do so. "Sex and Lamb Patties," after all, doesn't quite have the frisson.

To love bacon is to sink your teeth into life, to refuse to nibble at the side salad or sip on the seltzer with a twist of lime. "Nobody wants to be wholesome, boring Betty when they could be sexy, hot-to-trot Veronica," Sarah Katherine Lewis says. "Pour me a drink, light me a smoke, fry me up a pan of bacon, and let's get it on."

A recent Taco Bell commercial has played up this idea of bacon as an aphrodisiac. In order to lure male attention at a bar, a woman hides the new Bacon Club Chalupa in her purse. It's absurd; no one with hair that glossy would suffer the indignity of diced chicken in her handbag. But the spot has prompted at least one male viewer to suggest bacon perfume. And why not? It's probably a more seductive scent than lilacs and roses.

"Bacon is sex in a skillet," says Dan Philips of the Grateful Palate. "It's the ultimate aphrodisiac for all living things. Except pigs, of course."

Link - Thanks Judy!

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Years ago I worked at a butchershop. We had a large smokehouse out back and it was my job to unload the bacon and hams. this only happened maybe once a week.
on those particular days I discovered that any women that would be working near me would become particularly flirtatious. I thought about it one day and realized that as ANTHONY above me said, there is a deep rooted enjoyment of that particular smell. In a feminine aspect, It would probably boil down to subliminally knowing that they would be safe for another winter.

Needless to say, I enjoyed emptying the smoker.
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Mmmm bacon *drool* You don't have to be a guy to enjoy 'sex in a skillet' (which is the best bacon quote ever in my opinion). The smell of cooking bacon makes me hungry no matter how full I was a moment ago.
Almost as good as bacon is prosciutto (spelled it right on the first try. Score! XD). Such a great smoky flavor, but not as crispy as bacon.
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