VideoSift: Bad Days at the ...

Our weekly collaboration with VideoSift - the best video clip aggregator website on the Net, baby! - brings us the Top 5 Video Clips of the Week (note: all of these links will open in a new window - Thanks for the suggestion, Simon!)

Bad Day at the Warehouse
Note to all employees: THIS is why you shouldn't be a dumbass while working in the warehouse.

Link (Fun starts at 10:26:00 mark. Real fun starts at 10:27:48 mark)

Bad Day with the Fans
So, how popular is President Bush right now? Here's a clip of how his fans just love him! Keith Olbermann reports:

In Raleigh, North Carolina, the President learns first hand today exactly what a 26% approval rating feels like ... Watch the two guys behidn the fence waiting for Marine One to land ... As the president disembarks, he waves to his them and ...


Bad Day While Filming a Thunderstorm
This is why you shouldn't go outside in a lightning storm. From the clip:

I was filming a thunderstorm when suddenly lightning hit my hand. I lost my hand but I survived. I only saved the tape. Caution: Don't film a thunderstorm!

Consider us warned: Link

[Warning: really gross and disturbing image] (Fake? Yes, read the comments on the VideoSift page to see where the pic came from)

Bad Day on a Pogo Stick
Pogo stick + foolin' around = really bad idea.

Here's video proof.... And kids, please don't try this at home (That must have hurt!)


Bad Day at the Mall
Remember the girl spinning on the escalator handrail? Well, this guy decided that he'd repeat the trick ... and ended up having a bad day.

Here's what happened: Link

For more the web's most interesting videos, check out: VideoSift.

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