The Fattest States

Calorie Lab's Fattest States rankings for 2008 are out, and Mississippi is number one for the third year in a row. Colorado has the smallest percentage of obese people.
West Virginia passed Alabama to become the second fattest state in 2008. The four states of Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, and Louisiana have obese populations that exceed 30 percent over a three-year average and two-thirds of the citizens of Mississippi and West Virginia were either overweight or obese by CDC standards in 2007.

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The argument that healthy food isn't affordable is laughably bad. Rice, beans, lean chicken, a wide selection of veggies and fruits are very affordable and easy to prepare. It's how 3rd world countries eat all the time.

Giving your kids snack cakes and soda vs giving them fruit with peanut butter and a glass of water is a no-brainer. Personal responsibility means considering long-term health. That's something that people are capable of doing regardless of income.
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That seems to be splitting hairs to define the leanest and fattest states. The majority of the states seem to have around a quarter of their population overweight, give or take a few percentage points. It's not like CO is only 8% fatties while MI is at 80%, which would be a bit more interesting.
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Seriously — the "leanest" state has almost 1/5 of its population obese? Sure, it's better than the 1/3 on the other side of the spectrum but it's horrible either way.
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I live in CO. I ski rarely but hike fairly often. That said, while I'm not obese, I could probably do with a few less pounds.

I'm a little surprised at CO's ranking in that there are more pedestrian friendly places out there and driving alot isn't going to burn many calories.
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