Traffic Signs Quiz: Do You Know What Those Traffic Signs Really Mean?

We all know what traffic signs mean, right? Stop. Go. Yield - pretty basic stuff. But how much do you really know about traffic and road signs?

Here's a little quiz by the people at USA Traffic Signs. See if you can pass this test (1 out of 3 people actually failed, I got 86% which was passing!) - Thanks Mike Austin!

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Much like Courageous Grace, I too got the "forward traffic can go on either side of the obstruction” sign wrong, as I've seen it with an actual obstruction depicted.

Another Canadian taking an American test and getting 94% overall. I had to puzzle over the US/State/Interstate/County route signs. but overall, it's mainly common sense.

If you really want to trip people up, post a quiz on European road signs, those would be interesting results indeed!
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Very interesting...I scored 98.8 all together (missed 2 questions total). The first speed limit question got me because in Texas you are not required to drive slower during inclement weather. The TX driver's handbook states that speed must be adjusted so accidents are avoided, but it is implied that if you can drive the posted limit and avoid an accident you are driving legally. Also down here instead of "Hazardous Material" signs we have "HC" aka "Hazardous Cargo". That one had me confuzzled but I still got it right.

The other one I got wrong was the "forward traffic can go on either side of the obstruction" with two arrows pointing at a right and left angle but no image of an obstruction. I've never seen a sign like that before...the ones I've seen have a black "obstruction" between the arrows.
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Dang. 150 signs. I started to glaze over at one point...95.2% overall 143/150 (kept getting my school vs. pedestrian crossings mixed up).

I found it interesting in light of this article from the Atlantic magazine about how too much reliance on signs causes inattentional blindness in drivers. Yikes!
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