Shower Curtain Smell? Yup, Toxic.

Ever smelled a new shower curtain? According to the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, a Virginia-based advocacy group, that smell is toxic:

Vinyl shower curtains release over 100 toxic chemicals into the air in people's bathrooms, including known carcinogens and reproductive toxins, according to a new report calling for the ban of Polyvinyl chloride in bath curtains and liners.

The laboratory tests of five new PVC shower curtains, released Thursday, found 108 different volatile organic compounds were released
into the air over a 28-day period, including off-gassing above the recommended level in the United States for seven days.

These compounds can cause respiratory irritation, headaches, nausea and damage to the liver, kidney and the central nervous system. Some VOCs are also suspected or known to cause cancer in humans.

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I've always liked new shower curtain smell... and puppy breath. No I have never used illegal drugs, model glue, or canned air.(but I did smell my ditto paper when the teacher gave it to me still slightly damp from the ditto machine.)
Everyone who is at least 26 years old nod and smile because you got those purple and while ditto papers and YOU sniffed them. You also probably avoided taking the one the teacher's licked finger touched.:)
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We bought a woven nylon shower curtain for two dollars more than the cost of the disposable PVC variety. We've been using it for three years and just throw it in the wash when it gets that "not so fresh" smell.
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yea i was lucky enough to get those fancy doors.

did anyone really think that smell was beneficial to our health? anything that smells like chemicals USUALLY isn't recommended to be huffed.

surprised? no.

@ peaches: i guess that's why i was always told not to drink out of the hose..
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