Scanner Plays Beethoven's Ode to Joy

Miss C recently posted the floppy disk drive that plays Imperial March - turns out, that's not the only computer peripheral that can play music. Here's a HP scanner that plays Beethoven's Ode to Joy: hit play or go to Link [YouTube]- Thanks Greg Bulmash!

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In the era of 8-bit computing, there was a hack for the Commodore 1541 disc drive that would vibrate the read/write head in varied frequencies to play the song "Daisy". It was aptly called "Drive Music" and was notorious for destroying or misaligning drives after only one play.

Here is a link to a video of it:
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My previous post may not make it through because of this response: "Oops, something in your comment triggered the blog engine to request a moderation. Don't worry - someone will take a look at it manually soon! There's no need to re-submit the comment."

Here's a paraphrase: Horsetwaddle. Arsewash. Flydung.

Of all the ridiculous things flying around the web this is the closest to matching Chriss Angel and Derren Brown that I've seen in its breathtaking (and correct) assumption of stupidity by its audience. Congratulations to all.
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Let's not forget Man or Astroman, the band most famous for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 "love song". They recorded a song "a simple text file" on their album Spectrum of Infinite Scale. They played it by, well, printing a simple text file through a dot matrix printer that they lugged around many live events. I could not find a decent vid or MP3 to share.

Thier shows were fun, the grand finale was normally a couple blasts of lightning from their 6' Tesla Coil that looked amazingly like this ""
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